Sunday, September 19, 2010

"The Artist and sleeping"

"The Artist and sleeping"
I am quite possibly a half-insomniac.  Again, my brain likes to create, think, plan, and be challenged and active all the time.  This is my first curse and blessing (my second curse and blessing is an addiction to being uncomfortable).  I can usually keep up with the daily activity of my brain...well, by now I would hope that I am used to it and know how to follow it.  However, coping is another matter.  Artist, or rather performers, are just on different life schedules than others.  We usually are more actively creative at night.  I think this is because there is less outside stimuli and we automatically gravitate to places in time and space that will allow us to be most productive and not distracted in our creative brain.  We usually perform at night and therefore this sets our daily clock into a mess.  When do you eat dinner?  When is it time to settle in and decompress from the day?  AND, how the heck to you turn off the instant replay on this thing?!?  I think the remote control is broken!

Yes, my remote control broke about a decade ago and now it is set on level 11 all the time...if you get my drift.  However, I think as a lifetime growing artist it is probably better to be this way.  Most certainly if you want to explore every corner and puncture fully through all the dura.  I write this post not to solve the issue of sleep deprivation and artists, but to just comment on it hoping to own it more for myself and maybe help someone else to feel solace in owning it.  Maybe one suggestion, which I am starting to implement myself is to give yourself one hour a day to be that wildly creative over-the-top artist.  Then, resurface yourself and feel the satisfaction in what you are able to do with your over developed imagination.  Remember, there are many people out there that don't tap into any imagination on a daily basis.  We were chosen to be this person, the creating force, and it's certainly ok with me that I was chosen, so now exploit it and don't reprimand and squelch it.  More on this in the future I'm sure, in the mean time I hope you find some good sleep.

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