Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Collab Notes >1< :: Glass Project - Day 1

Clearly/Clear Refraction (?) Glass Project.  It is very difficult to settle on a name for a project of this size.  So "GP" has finally begun it's move into a 4000+ sq/ft store space in the North Grand Mall of Ames, IA!  This tops any project I have done...ok, maybe note the dance show in an Olympic-size drained swimming pool with The Seldoms...but, this is a very unique experience.

The dream of "GP" probably began sometime around 2003, SONIC INERTIA did a project that began making it a small realization called "Inspirations of Glass", and starting in the fall of 2010 I began discussing with choreography, Valerie Williams what I really saw in the idea.  We have been grant applying (still are), pondering, planning, collecting, collaborating, and hoping since then, and now it is starting to become a reality.

The month of May will be used to experiment, design, and figure out just what we can do with a large enough space, lots of documentation, and maybe some broken glass (by accident).  In June I hope to have a grasp on what pieces of glass I have, where to put them, and what to play on them, so that rehearsals can begin.  Mid-June we hope to open the space for a series of performances and presentations, probably culminating in a fundraising party.

I plan to have more than 100 pieces of glass musical instruments; found glass, glass blown generously donated by the ISU Gaffer's Guild, plate glass, glass wind chimes made by Nathan Ratliff, and much more.  Video and lighting will be an important element of this project, along with the music and dance.

In the meantime we should settle on a name.

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