Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Collab Notes >2< :: Glass Project

Day 2 of work on the "GP" at the North Grand Mall in Ames.  I unpacked 24 pieces that the Gaffer's Guild of ISU (glass blowing club) had created for the project and began experimenting with hanging them.  I got the 30" glass gong hung and unpacked a few other larger glass gongs.  We are up to about 90 glass instruments now!

Choreographer, Valerie Williams and visual artist, Hiromi Okumura and I met to view and discuss video footage to fill the space using 3 projectors.  We are planning to combine unique images of paint and glass, as well as capturing audience members to superimposed in the projections.

The music will develop and evolve over our workshopping time during May as the collection of glass grows and evolves.  Ideas are swirling around about the sonic environments.  Much may include a base of varying improvised palettes with remnants of tonality and familiar pieces of music convalescing about the space, but I am still in the very early stages of this, and this will likely take shape later this month.

Many wind chimes made by Nathan Ratliff, and good friend in Texas, are on their way later this week, as well as more goodies from the Gaffer's Guild.

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