Sunday, May 15, 2011

Collab Notes >5< :: The Glass House Concerto

So far the "Collab Notes" have been about the CLEARLY Glass Project, however they are intended to cover the whole gamut of collaboration that I always seem to have going on.  And I am happy to begin the first posting about a collaboration with Andrew Ardizzoia that I am very excited about, The Glass House Concerto.

I don't need to write much here because both myself and the collaborator have written descriptive pros about the early stages of the project that I believe give perfect insight into what is to come.  You can read those here:

Composer, Andrew Ardizzoia and I have started a project of working on what we feel will be a truly unique percussion concerto.  I tinker a lot with the odder percussion instruments, as well as collections of multiple instruments of the same timbre.  A few years back I wanted to meld a row of woodblocks with the marimba sound, make it basically a triple-rowed wooden keyboard, and Bjorn Berkhout wrote me a marimba/woodblock concerto for this called, "Tides".  Additionally, I am now working on CLEARLY, an installation of over 100 glass instruments, and I have a collection of three types of zithers.  I saw Andrew's new piece "*Some Assembly Required" premiered by the ISU Symphony Orchestra and immediate was inspired to ask him to write me a concerto, which we later decided would be for soloist and wind ensemble, for my interests in the less-mainstream percussion objects.

Andrew is keeping a wonderful blog about this project on his website, which you can access here:  We have gotten a few ensemble conductors interested in being a part of a consortium of premiering groups, including the ISU Wind Ensemble, Mike Golemo; UNI Wind Ensemble, Ron Johnson; and other groups in Canada and the Pacific NW.

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