Friday, May 6, 2011

Collab Notes >3< :: "Clearly" Glass Project

Progress is being made with the GP everyday.  I am somewhat at a standstill with waiting for grant money to purchase hardware to hang glass as to get a sense of how it will work in the space, but things are getting done.  I have gotten some more pieces hung that the Gaffer's Guild has made for the project, and will do some research for materials in the hardware store today.

Hiromi and I met with our Gaffer collaborator, Keith Kutz, at the glass blowing studio last night and did some video of dripping molten glass, as well as some basic footage of glass blowing and working with the ovens.  Today I will do some video and audio using marbles, glass bowls/vases, and water and I hope to do some video of Bach on the glass xylophone this weekend.

Here are some photos of the new pieces I hung yesterday.

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